Reseller Inquiries and Requirements:

1. Name:
2. Yahoo Messenger ID:
3. Facebook Account (confirm identity):
4. Location (complete address):
5. Cell number:
6. Target no. of clients:
Please include these details when you send the form
or email it to me: xtreamvpncompany [@]

Reseller Benefits
1. Purchase accounts at a lesser priceReseller package comes with a discounted price. If you have 20+ active clients you are entitled to have 1 unlimited reseller's account to use with Xtream VPN.
2. Voucher Method - you are safe from monthly obligation. Voucher codes doesn't expire if not applied to an account.
2. Custom VPN GUI - create your own VPN! Customizable version of the official Xtream VPN application. Your clients will never know you are acquiring services from us.
3. Reseller Panel - web based panel so that you can easily manage clients accounts 24/7. 
4. Refund* - for your protection we are offering conditional refund for vouchers that were UNUSED and bought within the last 30 days. (vouchers applied within 5 days from your request is also honored).

* Conditional Refund applies only to fully paid vouchers. Vouchers acquired via special offers and 'pay later' transactions will not be honored. 

Customizable Reseller GUI