Server Updates

1. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher - Windows XP Users needs to install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 in order to use this program. Windows 7 and Vista has built-in .NET installed already.
2. Latest TAP Adapter - This software utilizes the latest OpenVPN 2.2 official release. To install the latest TAP adapter go to Settings window under TAP Driver click Remove TAP and wait for the success prompt. Click Add TAP to reinstall the TAP adapter. Windows 7/Vista must be run with administrator access in order to perform this successfully. 


1. Customizable Name with Image/Icon
2. Same Features as the Official GUI
3. Automatic Updates
4. Automatic Modem Dialer



Xtream VPN

Unblock Websites, Youtube and other Video contents
Surf the Internet Anonymously and Securely
Provides US or EU IP
on top of it all


Servers Allowed for Torrent:
Torrent Servers and Netherlands 
Using Torrent other than Specified Servers is Prohibited.
You Might get Banned!
Dedicated Servers:
Phoenix & Kansas 2
Phoenix is Excellent for International Connections
Premium accounts can connect to Gaming Servers
2 SG Gaming and Japan
Bandwidth Limit is 2.0 GB per month per user 

 1. What is VPN
     A Virtual Private Network is a network technology that creates a secure network connection between computers over a public network such as the Internet.

2. What is Xtream VPN?
     Xtream VPN is a Privately owned VPN service from the Philippines
     Xtream VPN has servers all over the United States and Europe.
     Xtream VPN utilizes OpenVPN software for reliability and full scalability.

3. What does VPN do for me?
    VPN provides another layer of security for your public network connections such as Public Wifi Hotspot and safeguards your surfing habits by masking your real IP making you anonymous. It also Unblocks applications (ie SKYPE) and other geographical filtering sites (ie HULU.COM, VEVO.COM).

4. Is it legal?
    VPN service is completely legal on most part of the world including the Philippines

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